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In conjunction with construction to strengthen the earthquake resistance of its aging town hall, the Matsukawa town government carried out comprehensive renovations of the first floor service counters and offices with the objective of creating a user-friendly town hall with a bright atmosphere.

Fujitrans Corporation provides comprehensive logistics services. Next to its old headquarters, it built a new headquarters building that is kind to both people and the environment. From an environmental perspective, the building has acquired a Class A rank from the CASBEE system for rating building environmental performance, and it features reception-room furniture made with wood obtained from the thinning of the Fujippu company-owned forest.

As a supermarket chain focused on food products, Life Corporation aims to become a company with 400 stores and sales of 800 billion yen by following the slogan: ”Good food, good stores, good service.” Its business is centered in the Kinki region, and when the time came to build a new Osaka headquarters building, it initiated a project that both clarified the vision to be followed and hammered out the concept for the building.